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Here are some Iphone photographs that I really like from the last couple of weeks. I still love the Polamatic app, and the Snapseed app. These were all taken with my Iphone 7, but I miss my heavy Nikon D700, so I think I'll take that out today. 

All Photographs ©ezra sesto photography


Photos from today. Fia and I saw this beautiful field and the light was just perfect.  

February 6, 2017


Photography that I like from this morning and today.

January 27, 2017


My brother Esten and family gave my such a stunning bouquet of flowers for my 50th birthday, I still love them, even as they are falling down into the table.  


My dog Henry, he has dislocated back hips, but still really smiles when I say "Car?"!  


Same tarp photo, different edit. All my photos are taken with my IPhone 7, my Nikon is very heavy and I love the spontaneity of the IPhone and the new Portrait mode. I edit lately with the snapseed, Polamatic, and Hipstamatic applications, but it changes all the time. I really like the IPhone and the different apps that I use because it's really fast. I can post how I see the world, how my brain sees different things, objects, scenes. Things that touch me, as I rush along through life. The final output that I post here, in a quick harmony, is the result of everything working together. I really enjoy the process, it's very satisfying to be able to post "how I see" finally after years of painting and photography. There is too much time between the Nikon photos and the editing process in photoshop or Lightroom, that's how I feel lately anyway, especially since these are all personal photos, not for commercial reproduction. In a strange way I can take the photo really quickly and then edit it and post it in minutes, but ironically, time has just slowed way down for me also. Being creative is my saving grace in this stressful world we live in. 


January 26, 2017

There are tarps all over the village fields to protect them against the winter weather and I find them to be really beautiful. 









Polamatic. Snapseed  


Snapseed, Hipstamatic  


Polamatic, Hipstamatic  


Welcome to my photography blog, I look forward to posting photographs here often, and sharing how I see with the world. Please take a look now and then if you're interested, thank you, Ezra 

January 25, 2017